Researching Historic Tiles in Old Houses

The American Encaustic Tiling Company

The American Encaustic Tiling Company, also called AETCO or AE (1875-to at least 1945), was one of the most distinguished American makers of household adornments, as well as one of the largest tile producers of modern times. AETCO's wares found their way into countless American houses and public buildings. AETCO provided "artistic" tiles of a very high order of design and execution for innumerable front porches, vestibules, halls, and fireplaces while, at the same time, it helped to convince Americans of the merit of tiled bathrooms and kitchens. Putting the attached AETCO catalogue on line will help owners of historic buildings recognize fine American Encaustic Tiling Company tiles in their possession.

This digitalized copy of AETCO's catalogue was made from one in the Special Collections Department, Virginia Commonwealth University Cabell Library

Click here to download the entire catalogue as a zipped folder (6.5 MB).

AETCO's Catalogue