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Historic Window Restoration Services

There is no substitute for your original windows. Beyond the beauty of their unique proportions, there is the pleasure of viewing the world through wavy, antique glass. Old growth wood and traditional joinery outperform today's quickly harvested wood, whether handcrafted or mechanically stapled together. Your original old windows will even outlast vinyl replacements, which are made from non-renewable resources, are environmentally unkind, and age poorly.


  • Several window sash are removed at a time and replaced with plywood or foam board (we can also provide custom made storm windows, which will not detract from the appearance of your house while your windows are being repaired)
  • Glass and glazing are removed
  • Sash are stripped of paint, sanded and primed
  • Windows are reglazed, and original glass reinstalled. If any glass is missing or broken, we can replace with antique glass
  • Sash are primed a second time
  • Metal pulleys are removed and cleaned; jambs striped, primed and repainted (on site)
  • Necessary wood repairs are made
  • Sash are restrung
  • Weatherstripping is added bdixon roping windowetween sash on top and bottom and between meeting rails (we prefer to use a nylon pyle and/or silicon tube)

Prices are based on the number of lights (panes) and sashes (the framework in which the panes or lights are set). A double hung window has two sashes: one that slides down and an inside one that goes up.

For prices and additional information, contact Old House Authority (804.648.1616) or


Antique Sash and Glass

Old Wood Windows and Antique Glass for Sale

Old House Authority has a large inventory of antique glass and sash, which can be purchased for your restoration project. Many sizes and types available.

Our experts can fully restore your windows for you. We can return the windows to their original condition while making them energy efficient. Click here for more on our Window Restoration Services.

Old House Authority is located in VA, but ships to other localities. Send your inquires to or (804) 648-1616.