About Old House Authority

We are preservationists whose goal is to help extend the life of your old house. That includes not only the skin and bones of the building, but the heart and soul that live on in the memories and experiences of the people who occupied it.


 From left: Old House Authority partners Walter Dotts, Jennie Dotts, Dixon Kerr, and Maurice Duke.

If you're lucky enough to own an old house, it’s important that you use appropriate materials and hire knowledgeable workers experienced in traditional building and design. With our extensive connections we can help you find the appropriate products and professionals. We can also help you collect, preserve and access historical records that will aid renovation and design decisions. Our services are intended to help you avoid the mistakes in renovation or maintenance that can diminish the historic character and value of your old house.

Affiliated with Long and Foster, Old House Authority can help you buy or sell vintage real estate, whether for your primary residence or investment purposes. 



Too often misinformed home owners replace rather than restore original architectural details, such as windows because they’re drafty or they’re painted shut. When you remove original historic fabric such as this you lose more than ordinary building material. You lose the extraordinary character, built over time, which distinguishes old houses from new ones. And once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. Our experts can provide practical products and services such as window repair, energy efficient storm windows, traditional color consulting, and architectural design that will address the physical needs and sustainability of your old house. In addition, it will ensure that your house is comfortable and manageable for years to come.


Letters, diaries and ephemera left by previous owners can tell us a lot about how an old house was built, used or altered. Architects and contractors often find useful clues in documentary and physical evidence that can inform design and construction decisions. We encourage you to collect, save and share information about your property. We can make important discoveries about a house by comparing it to others. Through our Old House Dairies and Oral Histories, we’ll help you preserve the historical records of your house, the people who have lived there, and the historic events that took place around them. This information is crucial for preserving the architectural and historical integrity of a property.

In collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University Special Collections Department, Old House Diaries provides a permanent place for documents, photographs, maps and other historical records. There they are maintained by professional archivists and made accessible to researchers, scholars, educators, and the general public. Our team of seasoned preservationists, craftsmen, educators, architectural historians, architects and consultants are devoted to old houses and expanding knowledge and appreciation of them.